Our Team

Junxion's team is wonderfully talented and powered by a commitment to make a difference.

It’s the people who make the difference.

Junxion Strategy is supported by key staff around the globe, who share our vision of building a better world.


Hilary MandelHilary Mandel, Strategy
Hilary’s passion is bridging the gap between high-level strategy and nitty-gritty details.  Blending her experience in business/non-profit management and media production, Hilary works with Junxion as a client manager and project manager. Her diverse background includes roles as a TV commercial producer, lead researcher with Paul Hawken’s Natural Capital Institute (now known as WiserEarth), instructor at Vancouver Film School, and fundraiser for Smart Growth BC. Hilary has an MBA with a focus on sustainable business from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, and is also a writer/photographer.

Sherry PomerleauSherry Pomerleau, Creative
Sherry is a creative director and lead designer at our in-house design boutique, Junxion/c. A talented ideas person, Sherry has a passion for all aspects of creative development, and the know-how to unite design details to present a brand’s unique personality. Over the course of 18+ years, Sherry has taken hundreds of projects and social issues campaigns from concept to completion, for clients of all sizes.

David JuniperDavid Juniper, Creative
David is a digital consultant and is a key programming resource at Junxion. After years of teaching in some of the country’s most prestigious design and technical institutions, David is working to make the world a better place one website at a time. With over 15 years experience as a web designer, developer and educator, David is hands-on working on a wide range of digital projects and initiatives. He balances client projects with managing the IT needs of Junxion’s growing global team. His portfolio includes extensive work in ecommerce as well as online education with clients such as Athabasca University and the Government of Alberta. David’s academic background includes post-graduate work in Education as well as a Masters Degree blending Computer Science, International Relations and First Nations studies.

Chantal SchauchChantal Schauch, Strategy
Chantal is an effective brand strategist with a 10-year background in marketing communications and expertise in strategic communications, stakeholder relations and project management across corporate, small business and not-for-profit sectors. She works with Junxion clients to support their values-driven organisations and projects, leading regional work and also supporting Junxion’s international engagements. As co-founder of her own international social venture ClimbForChange.com, and leader of various successful community initiatives and fundraising campaigns, Chantal is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations reach their highest potential.


Jonathan CookJonathan Cook, Strategy
With more than 13 years experience in the charity and not-for-profit sector Jonathan is a leading expert in organisational, fundraising and marketing strategy. He has worked with some of the largest overseas and UK charities, including Save the Children and Action for Children as well as a governing UK political party, helping to raise over £80m between them and working on the emergency response to the 2004 Asian Tsunami. Jonathan uses a combination of insight, analysis and creativity to enable charities to develop innovative, inspirational and financially successful fundraising appeals.


Abhimanyu ShankhdharAbhimanyu Shankhdhar, Creative
Abhimanyu is Junxion’s lead on new media strategies. For nearly 10 years Abhimanyu worked for global brands such as GE Healthcare, Nokia, and American Express. Over the last four years, he has focused on digital and social media communications, building highly successful campaigns and programmes through data analysis, research, great tools, education and testing. Talented in SEO/SEM, Abhimanyu works collaboratively with clients to stay ahead of the curve. Abhimanyu is trained and certified in concepts of Lean and Six Sigma and is a self professed believer in imagination at work. In his spare time, Abhimanyu is a musician (violin, guitar and vocals), sketch artist, writer and student of martial arts.

Nikita AggarwalNikita Aggarwal, Strategy
Nikita is a multi-faceted project manager with a background in marketing, advertising, creative writing and strategic communications. She has previously worked with an international advertising agency on campaign strategies for some of the world’s most influential brands. Owing to her commitment to social causes, Nikita shifted to the non-profit sector and worked with WWF and the United Nations, applying cutting-edge communication tactics to increase engagement and raise funds. Nikita’s creative, management and organisational skills support clients with insightful research, engaging campaigns and well-run global projects.

Ranjana DG ChandraRanjana DG Chandra, Creative
Ranjana brings more than 16 years of advertising and design expertise to Junxion. Her experience is wide: technology to telecom, healthcare to retail, infrastructure to FMCG as well as the industrial to the social sector. Her experience in the Indian market is a welcome addition to Junxion’s creative team. An alumni of the premier National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India, Ranjana extends her creative expertise in translating complex briefs into simple, memorable ideas with panache and style. This stems from her passion for design and detail to an in-depth understanding of brand nuances.

Meenu SunejaMeenu Suneja, Creative
Meenu is a creative consultant with more than 13 years of experience on a wide array of creative and technical projects. Springing from a love of drawing and visualising design in her daily life, Meenu chose to pursue her passion with advanced training in multimedia, software UI and graphic design. She plays a key role in Junxion, handling a mix of promotional, branding, web and social media work. She also works closely with our creative director to coordinate production and implementation of interactive projects such as websites, online campaigns and contests, and advertising. Her digital toolkit is well-stocked: software user interfaces, web and mobile app design, websites, brand and print collateral, online media campaigns, and so on. She has served a wide range of clients including tourism, software, retail, education, small businesses and large corporations.

Rohit BatraRohit Batra, Creative
Rohit is a digital consultant and one of Junxion’s lead web developer. He has nine years experience developing a wide variety of websites. His background includes projects ranging from e-commerce websites to social purpose job portals, from online learning management systems to a peer-reviewed medical journal of human genetics. He is working on several Junxion client projects in North America and Asia, many which have special features such as enriched social media capabilities, enhanced relational databases and online donation capabilities. His multi-disciplinary background – art, user interface design and online strategy – makes him a valuable digital resource. Rohit works in PHP, HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript. He is inspired by good design and loves the challenge to translate them in to engaging interactive websites. Rohit has a Master’s Degree in Computer Application.

Akshay MadanAkshay Madan, Creative
Akshay specialises in server side programming with PHP and MySQL, and client side programming using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He also works in C language and Linux to give his websites access to efficient resources and greater control over data. His simple, user friendly but functionally efficient websites give his clients a reliable online system. He has worked on projects ranging from historical websites, a mental health website for Indian psychologists, an Indian classical music archival website and many more. He has worked with WWF in India as a web developer as well. Akshay takes keen interest in traditional art forms of South Asia, loves travelling and draws his inspiration from Tagore’s poetry and Indian classical music.

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